Monday, June 19, 2006


Here with a brief update on the progress of Urban America's Favorite Backyard Garden.

And, no, that's not hyperbole. I sent a random e-mail this past weekend to, ohhh, at least 14 or 15 people asking, "Will You Object if I declare unilaterally that my backyard garden is 'Urban America's Favorite?'"

No one objected. In fact, only ten or eleven e-mails bounced back for lack of a valid e-mail address, and the only affirmative response came from a dude in Arizona asking, "Who the hell are you? Don't spam me, jerk-off." So, in light of the lack of objections, I feel justified in claiming the title. Very soon, I'm aiming for the whole country, not just the cities.

Anyway, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Yes, that's right, the tomatoes are starting to grow. Peppers appearing too. Plus, most excitingly, the arugula that the Aphinator planted from seed a month or so back is approaching edibility. Looks healthy, looks nice, looks green.

The red lettuce and bok choy continue to yield impressively, and the herbs are thriving. I've noticed that herbs are pretty much like weeds: plant 'em & watch 'em grow. Not much else at work there. In fact, the real challenge, if any, with herbs seems to be keeping them pruned, trimmed and "harvested," so they don't overgrow and take over your garden.

And finally, the selection of annuals we've laid down from seedlings, or germinated ourselves, are looking fine. In fact, weather permitting, I plan to put some of the new plants down in the flower bed for the first time today. Incidentally, yesterday was NYC's first 90+ day, so based on my limited gardening experience (read: Last Summer), the tough days are suddenly upon us. Now -- with blazing temps, high summer sun, and inconsistent precipitation -- is when the challenge really arises.

Until the next update.


Blogger DED said...

As I live in a suburban forest, I will never attempt to lay claim to your title. ;)

Maybe you should post the occasional photo of your garden so that we can witness its grand splendour.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

A photo? Of America's Favorite Urban Backyard Garden. I'd think the web is sprinkled with them there pics, no?

I mean, all the paparazzi lately. What are they doing with the photos?

11:26 AM  

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